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Law Firm SEO was founded by brothers Martin & Mark Paljusevic. Although both in their 20's they bring a youthful experience that is needed amongst most law firms. Warren Buffett bases his hiring process on 3 things. Intelligence, energy, and integrity. Both huge believers in their education, have spent thousands on their SEO training. They learn from some of the best SEO's in the world, (mentored by the owners of the #1 spots for Chicago SEO, NYC SEO, Phoenix SEO, and more) which is of huge importance in a world where 99% of SEO's don't have the proper knowledge or results. They are young and have the energy to work 18 hour days and are extremely committed to creating an incredible agency. They are focused on continuing to prove their integrity, so if they haven't proved it yet, contact Law Firm SEO today and ask anything.

Why Choose Us

We're confident you agree when you want something done well, your best option is to hire an expert to do it right the first time. Hopefully, you've done research to know enough about SEO so you can hire the right company. Allow us to prove our expertise so we can help you attract more clients to your firm. Our SEO is forward thinking, so although it is designed to aggressively pursue high volume search terms, we will develop a long-term trust between your site and Google.