Frequently Asked Questions

What results can you show me?

As of writing this we just started working on this site a week ago and we're already ranked within the first 10 pages for Law Firm SEO expert. Another recent project, we got ranked on page 1 for nyc seo experts. We know what we're doing, the problem is we're so new and low budget. But you benefit because we know that, and we're willing to start out at cheaper rates than we ever will.

How much will this cost?

That all depends. If you are looking to rank for an unknown lower competition city, it will be a lot cheaper than if you wanted to go after the top spot for a bigger city with more competition. It can be anywhere from $750 to even $5,000 a month. It will require time, energy, and resources and we will quote you accordingly. Although a monthly fee, you can back out of payments at any time you choose.

When will we see results?

It depends on the search terms we are going after. Some might take a year, while some might take few weeks or months. Also SEO is basically a continuous process that never stops.

Why is SEO so expensive?

Because it takes lots of time, resources and work to build them. Besides SEO is what makes your website earn money while just setting up a website and designing it by itself does not. So at the end of the day SEO earns more money than it costs. SEO is basically like building a store front on main street. 

Why should I outsource my SEO?

SEO is a full time job for a person or requires a whole team with several skills ranging from web development, content creation to marketing. Unless you have at least one experienced full time SEO in-house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from a SEO company or consultant.

Do you guys do website design too?

Even though SEO is what actually brings you business, you still need a high quality site set up to convert as best as possible. We wanted to make sure we can provide that for our clients so we partnered with an excellent company who helps us give you a one two punch; a high converting site combined with optimum traffic. Click here to see what your new site could look like.


If you have any more questions for us, please don't hesitate to ask. You can ask your questions on our contact form here